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Voted # 1 Beach Community on the Texas Coast
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When you consider the location and quality of these Surfside Beach, Texas beach houses, they are very reasonably priced.

They are big and roomy. Even our smallest beach house will be more comfortable than a condominium or a suite in a hotel. Time wise, these beach houses are closer to Houston than a beach house in Galveston. They will provide you with years of pleasant memories. If you have any questions please call us at 713-995-6111 or email at Contact Us.

Pricing Guide to upscale Accommodations at Surfside Beach
Rates for 2015  
     1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms House Sizes & Features (PDF file)
     4 & 5 Bedrooms Ways to Save on Rentals
     6, 7 & 9 Bedrooms Linens Furnished Option
     Houses next door to each other “Off the front row” Considerations
     Print 2015 Prices (PDF file) Sales Taxes (10% vs. 15%)

Size and Features of Houses
Click on house names for Photos, Prices, Floor Plans & Google Maps


Bed Rooms

Bath Rooms


Beach Front

East Beach

Car Free Beach

Wheel Chair Access

Dryer (a),

Porch Swing

Fire Place

Max. No. of People

Max. No. of Cars

Beachcomber 1 1 2-6       graydot graydot   6 2
Capt's Lookout 2 2 2-6         6 2
Sea Angel


2 2-8


graydot   8 3
Sea View


2 2-8


graydot   8 3
Sea Breeze


2 2-8


graydot 8 3
Sea Sprite 2 2 2-8       graydot 8 3
Beach Vista 2 2 2-8 (c)     graydot   8 3
Mar Vista 2 2 2-8   graydot 8 2
Dos Vistas 2 2 2-10     graydot 10 2
Blue Heron 3 2 4-8             8 3
Sunfish 3 2 4-9 (c)     graydot   9 3
Sailfish 3 2 4-12 (c)   graydot   12 3
Starfish 3 2 4-12 (c)     graydot   12 3
Aquarius 3 2 4-12       graydot   12 3
Capt’s Quarters 4 3 6-14       graydot   14 4
Buccaneer New Photos 4 3 6-14 (d)       graydot   14 4
Sea Castle 4 3 6-15 (e)   graydot   15 4
Sand Castle 4 3 6-15   graydot 15 4
Sand Piper 5 3 8-16   graydot 16 5
Sand Dollar 5 3 8-16   graydot 16 5
Texas Coral 6 10-20   graydot   20 6
Texas Star 7 10-24   graydot   24 7
Texas Giant New Photos 9 5½+½ 12-28   graydot 28 8
Gulf Giant 9 12-29   graydot   29 8
(a) These will be very useful. Many otherwise nice beach houses don’t have them.
(b) Relax in an old fashioned porch swing that's installed at beach level so you can watch the waves roll in.
(c) Second row on Pedestrian (car free) Beach.
(d) At San Luis Pass – 10 miles past Surfside (towards Galveston).
(e) Front Row. Single lane, 15 mph street between house and beach. No houses are in front.
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* Friday through Sunday. If you want, we can usually let you stay until Monday morning. This rate also applies for the
  Week Day Special: Monday afternoon through Friday morning for the same price as a weekend.

++ Linen Option Sheets (fitted & flat) and pillow cases to fit all of your beds plus towels (bath, hand, & washcloth) will be delivered to your house.

1. Located on Surfside’s East Beach 2. Located on Pedestrian Beach 3. Fireplace 4. Wheelchair accessible 5. Partially wheelchair accessible 6. Large kitchen with island, serving counter, multiple refrigerators & dishwashers 7. The Blue Heron is 2 blocks, Captain's Lookout is 3 blocks, and Captain’s Quarters is 5 blocks (3/10th mile) from the beach. Each of these houses has a large roof level deck that allows you to easily see the beach. 8. The Buccaneer is at San Luis Pass, ten miles past Surfside (toward Galveston).

Sales Taxes —

All prices are plus a Hotel-Motel Tax of 10%. (Galveston's Hotel-Motel Tax rate is 15%, and this difference can add up to several dollars. For example, on an $899 rental at Surfside the tax will be $89.90; at Galveston it would be $134.85. But, it could be worse. Houston is now 17%.)

Considerations when renting off of the “front row” —

  • Most people prefer staying on either the “front row” or on Beach Drive (the street that parallels the Pedestrian Beach). But, walking a few blocks to the beach can save you quite a bit of money. To get to the beach from these off of the “front row” houses --
    • Blue Heron — Walk one block, cross Bluewater Highway (two lanes and 40 mph), walk one more block and you will be on the beach.
    • Captain's LookoutWalk three blocks (you'll cross two village streets) and you're on the beach.
    • Captain's QuartersWalk 600 yards (3/10th mile) and you're on the beach.
    • The Buccaneer is back from the beach, but you have an excellent view of the water from both the living room and deck.
  • You will not have a beach for your front yard.
    • The Blue Heron property is built up, but it is next to the tidal salt flats and you will often have water standing on the lots next to you. This location is very attractive to large coastal birds. There is a good possibility of viewing Pelicans, Blue Herons, Spoonbills, Egrets, etc. etc.
    • Buccaneer, Captain's Quarters and Captain's Lookout have a St. Augustine yard (like in Houston).
HOUSES NEXT TO EACH OTHER When rented together, provide:


Front Row Location

Living Areas



Max. No. of People

Sea Sprite & Sea Breeze 2 4 4 16
Sea Angel & Sea View 2 4 4 16
Mar Vista & Dos Vistas 2 4 4 18
Mar Vista OR Dos Vistas & Beach Vista + (a) 2 4 4 16 or 18
Mar Vista, Dos Vistas & Beach Vista + + (a) 3 6 6 26
Sailfish & Starfish (b) (a) 2 6 4 24
Sand Dollar & Sand Piper (c) 2 10 6 30
(a) Second row on Pedestrian (car free) Beach.
(b) 300 ft. from 9-bedroom Gulf Giant
(c) 100 ft. from 4-bedroom Sand Castle

We have made these houses as nice as we can. Because of this, if our houses are abused or used by more than the stated Maximum Occupants, you may be required to leave without refund.

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Brown Pelicans Flying

If you have any questions about vacationing at Surfside Beach,
or if you would like to reserve one of our houses,
please call us at 713-995-6111, or go to Contact Us.

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