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Treasure Island at San Luis Pass - Please click to enlarge
Treasure Island at San Luis Pass
(click to enlarge)

The Buccaneer is located in Treasure Island, a small beach community on the Surfside Beach side of San Luis Pass. It has access to three different and distinct beaches.

Which beach is best for swimming?

  1. The Buccaneer is on the corner of Buccaneer Parkway and Palm Blvd. At the base of Palm Blvd. is the beach you see so wonderfully from the living room and deck of the Buccaneer. But, since this beach doesn’t have much sand, there’s a nicer beach for you to swim on.
  2. The San Luis Pass beach in the top of the photo is beautiful. But, there are strong currents here and this is a dangerous place to swim.
  3. The beach on the bottom of the photo has lots of sand and is a great place to swim. Please swim here.

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